2024 Londonlicious Dinner

Choose Your Appetizer

  • traditional Caesar salad
    artisan romaine+bacon lardons+parmesan dusted breadstick
    (veg, g-f)
  • kimchi chicken baozi
    fermented napa cabbage, sweet onion & gochugaru+Chinese sweet bun
  • soup of the day
    the chef’s daily concoction+served piping hot
  • stuffed portobello mushrooms
    olive, feta, roasted tomato & garlic filling+served on dressed spinach+balsamic glaze
    (Veg, G-F)
  • ceviche de pulpo
    lime cured octopus, tomato, cucumber, cilantro, mint, & serrano pepper+avocado+served with corn chips
  • polenta alla Caprese
    creamy mascarpone & pecorino polenta+topped with marinated tomatoes & shallots+basil & fresh mozzarella
    (veg, g-f)
  • mussels & microfrites
    served in a white wine, garlic & shallot broth+crispy shoestrings
  • strawberry crunch salad
    field greeens with pistachios & candied almonds+strawberries, avocado, & chevre+champagne vinaigrette
    (veg, g-f)

Choose Your Entrée

  • New Orleans salmon
    seared Atlantic salmon+bourbon & brown sugar glaze+rice mixture+seasonal vegetables
  • Malaysian pad Thai
    coconut milk, ginger and tamarind+bean spouts, cilantro, green onion & cashews Choice of Vegan, Vegetarian, Chicken, or Shrimp
    Gluten-Free and Vegetarian Options
  • boneless beef short ribs
    served with a rosemary jus+rustic roasted garlic mashed potatoes+seasonal vegetables
  • braised chicken pinot noir
    boneless chicken simmered with red wine, garlic, mushroom, basil & oregano+roasted potatoes+seasonal vegetables
  • Pasta of the Day
    market fresh ingredients
    Gluten-Free and Vegetarian Options
  • butternut squash & parmesan risotto
    creamy arborio rice with garlic & thyme Vegetarian or with orange & maple braised lamb shank
    (Veg, G-F)
  • rainbow yellow curry bowl
    roasted carrots, broccoli, bell peppers & squash+served on wild & basmati rice WITH Grilled Chicken Breast OR Seared Duck
    (Veg, G-F)
  • balsamic & peach grilled pork
    cinnamon & spice rubbed bone-in chop+honey & balsamic marinated peach+sweet potato mash+seasonal vegetables

Choose Your Dessert

  • carrot cake
    moist & delicious+served with caramel sauce & fresh fruit
  • gNosh coffee
    brandy, Amarula & Frangelico+whipped cream
  • cheesecake of the day
    served with fresh berries
  • Blueberry Panna Cotta
    Rich & creamy. Made with coconut cream & topped with a vanilla & blueberry coulis
    (gluten-free, dairy free, vegan)