• Kelsey’s perfect paloma
    Blanco tequila, lime juice & grapefruit soda. Coarse salt rim.
    our afternoon pacifier for Chef Cynthia
  • Biffy’s basil daquiri
    Bacardi white rum & Malibu. Pineapple and lime juice with cracked pepper and honey.
    blended, just to bug Brad
  • Orillia sundown
    reposado agave, orange & pomegranate juices, Rose’s syrup. Garnished with orange & pomegranate seeds.
    cheers to Gordon Lightfoot, a Canadian icon
  • Mulvaney muddle
    muddled green grapes, bitter Campari, Tanqueray Rangpur, lemon cordial. A splash of Bud Light added, then removed.
    oh what a muddled web we weave
  • the Jerry Springer
    Forrester bourbon, Bombay gin, lime juice, ginger beer, lime bitters & mint
    proof of trailer park residence required
  • The Jimi Hendrix
    Empress gin, St Germain & lemonade, Sprig of Rosemary, Jumbo Ice Cube
    a psychedelic haze of purple
  • bitch slap
    Astoria prosecco, Chambord, burnt lemon & peach coulis
    a celebration of Chris Rock (all class) and the Oscar’s
  • green goblin
    mint and cucumber Kettle One Botanical vodka, soho lychee liqueur, cold-brewed green tea & lemon cordial. Dollop of honey.
    drink too many and you’ll feel that way tomorrow.
  • randy Scotsman
    McClelland’s Speyside single malt, ginger, mint leaves, honey syrup, lime juice & a splash of gingerale.
    Tina Beware! What’s the temperature in Killarney?
  • Raymond’s rupture
    Lillet Blanc & Amaro Nonino. Sparkling wine & lemon soda water.
    tipsy, drunk, wasted, and then there’s Raysted
  • Walter’s Charcuterie Caesar
    Vodka, Walter’s Craft Caesar Mix. Skewered meat & cheese.
    appetizer & cocktail all in one!
  • Chef Cynthia’s summer sipper
    Absolut Pear Juice & Elderflower vodka & Hendrix gin. Blood orange San Pellegrino. Garnished with an orange wheel.
    our evening pacifier for Chef Cynthia
  • Sam’s strawberry mojito
    Kraken dark rum & Havana Club. Mint, lime juice & strawberry coulis.
    our server’s twist on the classic
  • the west 5
    gin, vodka, Malibu rum, Cointreau & tequila. Pineapple & lemon juice. Splash of cola.
    our play on the classic, five-alcohol Long Island Iced Tea
  • Putin’s an Ass
    Tito’s vodka, fresh lime, ginger beer with a splash of dried cherry syrup & garnished with mint. Served in the traditional copper cup
    Oh Vlad! Our variation on a Moscow mule.